The GWTC currently fields teams in the Shoreline Tennis League, Lake Shore League and North Shore Women’s Tennis League. These teams are for dedicated, experienced and competitive players.

Shoreline Tennis League

Shoreline membership is limited to north suburban park districts or city recreation departments. The Glenview Park District sponsors two A and one B women’s teams. Any seasoned, competitive GWTC member is eligible to participate in Shoreline. Placement for new members will be determined primarily by assessment of the players level by a Glenview Tennis Club pro. Matches are played once a week during June and July. The B teams play on Wednesdays at 10:00am and the A teams play at 10:00am on Thursdays. Any questions, contact us at

North Shore League

The North Shore Women’s Tennis League is committed to competitive tennis in a congenial and social atmosphere. Matches are played at local country clubs, bath clubs and park districts. The Club sponsors five teams. Currently we have two A teams, and one B, C and D team. League play is doubles only and stresses competitive excellence.

Eligible players must be current members of the GWTC.  If you are a non-Glenview resident, you must have been a member of the outdoor league for at least 3 years. Those members desiring a spot on a team must let the North Shore Coordinator know of their interest.

If interested, please contact us at

League website is

There are no open roster positions for the 2018 season, but subs are needed at every level!!!

Lake Shore League

The GWTC fields two teams in the Lake Shore League.  This league is a summer outdoor women’s tennis league which provides its members the opportunity to play matches with teams of other communities on a friendly, yet competitive basis. Matches are played at local country clubs, park district or organizations mainly on the North Shore on Mondays at 10 am for 7 or 8 weeks.  Three doubles pairs shall be fielded for each match. This is not a feeder team into our North Shore Teams.  Eligible players must be current members of GWTC.  If you are a non-Glenview resident, you must have been a member of GWTC for at least 3 years. Anyone interested, please contact us at

League website is



Regularly prescheduled tennis! No calls needed! Just sign up online for the dates you want to play and see who turns up.

Every Monday from May 28 – August 27, 5 courts will be reserved at Gallery Park  and possibly another park for regularly scheduled  play from 9:00am-11am. This is social tennis; players are placed within levels depending on who signed up for that day.

How to register:
On our website,, log in, click on Match Play under events and register for the dates you want to play. You can do this on a week to week basis or you can schedule yourself out as far into the summer as you want and get it on your calendar. By the end of the week, you will be receiving an email with notification about a park you will be playing at and your court assignment for Monday. No schedule will be sent out.

How to cancel/change your dates:
Please try to make any changes before the previous Thursday (5pm) of  the Monday you want to play. To cancel, simply delete yourself off the spreadsheet sign up. If you need to  make a change after Thursday for the following Monday, you will be responsible for getting a sub and letting Ella Alkhovsky, the coordinator, ( know.

If we have people who sign up, but don’t show, someone will have to volunteer to leave to make courts of 4. The coordinators will not be volunteering to leave. If we have repeat offenders, they will not be permitted to participate in the program.

How MMP is played:
Please arrive on time. Warm up starts promptly at 9:00am. After a 15 minute warm up you will start to play. There are 3 rotations: 9:15-9:50, 9:50-10:25 and 10:25-11:00. After the first round, the winners will move up a court, losers move down and you change partners. To determine your new partner, 2 people from opposite teams will spin their racquets. If they are both up, they play together, if they differ they play with the other partner from the opposite team. Each week after you play you need to mark what court # you should move to the next time you play based on if you won or lost on the court you were on. Example: if you win the last match on court 3, place 2 in the box of the next Monday you’ll play. If you lose, mark court 4 in the box of the next Monday you are going to play. We do not guarantee that is where you will start the next time you play due to the variation of players that sign up week to week.

We are not playing sets. You only need to win by 1 game. If you are tied at 5 minutes before the end of a round, play 1 more no add game to determine the winner.


Due to the popularity of our newest Monday Matchplay offering last year, we are hoping to expand this to 3 courts this summer.  These courts are reserved for players who hold a minimum 4.0 USTA rating OR play on either the A or A/B travel teams during the regular tennis season. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify to play in this higher level of play, please contact us at  Our aim is to keep the play competitive and the best way to do that is to restrict it based on official USTA rankings OR previous A or A/B travel team experience.


Deadline to register: May 25, 2018

Doubles only!
June 1 – August 31
Partners for doubles are drawn by the Competition Committee for a double elimination tournament. Draw sheets will be posted online.  It is the players responsibility to call or email their partners and opponents and schedule their matches within the dates above.  Matches will be regular 2 out of 3 sets. If games reach 6-all, a 12 point tie-breaker is used. The 40 Love Singles is 2 out of 3 sets, using no add scoring. Anyone who drops out of the Spring Tournament after the draw is posted, will not be able to enter this tournament the following year. If your partner drops out due to illness or injury, before the tournament begins, the Competition Committee will try to arrange another partner for you.

A player’s posted USTA rating, club leagues, and classes  will determine the tournament division in which she plays. If no rating is provided, the Glenview Tennis Club pros will be consulted for placement.

  1. Any player who forfeits must inform the tournament coordinator. If a player’s doubles partner drops out before a tournament begins, the tournament committee will try to arrange another partner.
  2. Players choose their own partner and  must change their partner every even year.
  3. Draw sheets will be distributed for the spring tournament. Match results should be recorded on-line at
  4. All matches are to be played Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm unless otherwise agreed by ALL players.
  5. If a match is unable to be played outdoors, it must be played indoors, at the players’ expense.
  6. Each player/team must bring a new can of balls to the match. The winner keeps the new can.
  7. If a player arrives more than fifteen minutes late, she is liable for a forfeit.
  8. NO-AD SCORING (must be agreed upon prior to starting the match by all players, if one player does not want to play a no-ad format, you must play the match with regular scoring)  If the score goes to 40-40 (deuce), the next point decides the game. In doubles, the receiver decides whether the service is delivered to the deuce or the ad court. If games reach 6-all, a 12 point tie-breaker is used.

(Spring Tournament and Round Robin) Any second set game in progress at 15 minutes to the end of match time will be completed using no-ad scoring. The team having a two-game margin will be awarded the set. If the games are tied, a set tie-break will be played to determine the set winner. If neither team is ahead by two, one additional game will be played using no-ad scoring. The team gaining the two-game margin is awarded the win. If the result ties the games, then a set tie-break will be played to determine the second set winner. If this results in one set each, a match tie-break will be played to determine the match winner. Any third set game in progress at 10 minutes to the end of match time will be completed using no-ad scoring. The team having a two-game margin will be awarded the match. If the games are tied, a set tie-break will be played to determine the match winner. If neither team is ahead by two, one additional game will be played using no-ad  scoring. The team gaining the two-game margin is the match winner. If the result ties the games, then a set tie-break will be played to determine the match winner.


MINI TOURNAMENTS- All doubles this year due to lack of interest for singles last year

Up to 1 week prior to the date of each mini tournament,  you can sign up online. You will be responsible for finding a sub if needed, but notify the coordinator 1st to see if she has a waiting list. Players will be grouped according to ability level at a designated  park listed online. Always check before leaving to play to see if any changes have been made.


TBD  — Mini Tournament dates will be posted in our monthly newsletter

We suggest you mark your calendar now for the mini’s you are interested in with also a reminder to register at least 1-2 weeks prior, however you can sign up  for all or any at the beginning of the season online too.


If you do not have internet access, you may contact the competition committee by phone.

In the event of rain, tournaments are cancelled and will be listed online.

Entrants must be available for the entire two and one quarter hours.  Entrants beyond 16 will be placed on a waiting list. Partners will be drawn and courts assigned in the first 15 minutes at designated parks. Play will be in timed segments with different opponents each period. Anyone who fails to show up will be excluded from all mini-tournaments the following year.


June 1 – August 31

Deadline to register: May 25, 2018

There may be several groups in each division. Players choose their own partner. New partners must be chosen on the even calendar year ie; 2014, 2016, All matches must be finished by August 31. Matches will consist of best 2 out of 3 sets.  After each match, players will email the games won and lost within each set to the coordinator, with the tournament winner having the highest percentage of games won. If a person or team drops out of the tournament, the matches played will be forfeited.   You must play all teams in your division and a winning team will be announced.

A player or team arriving more than 15 minutes late will incur a three game penalty (start at 0-3). This same rule also applies to the rescheduling of a match more than twice. If players are more than 30 minutes late, the match is to be rescheduled at the opponents convenience, with a one set (0-6) penalty. Winners of each group will participate in a play-off match.

If you plan to be out of town for more than 2 weeks, it is not recommended that you register for this. Two matches should be played a month and it is strongly recommended that you schedule  all your matches right away so that if there are conflicts they can get resolved early on in order not to affect your whole division.